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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Lavender bags

It is far too long since I last blogged. The reasons are too many to list but I'm back. I am aiming to run a stall at a craft fair after the summer and am trying to build up some stock. The lovely Jane at handmadejane has given me many tips. This is how I made some lovely lavender bags.

1. I chose some pretty fabric. Actually this was a bundle of 3 tea towels I bought in a supermarket sale because I liked the floral design. The set of 3 cost £1. I kept them in my stash.

   2. I used my rotary cutter and cut out as many 16 x 11cm rectangles as I could get out of my fabric. The measurements can be anything you like of course.

     3. I made a little bag by stitching around 3 sides of the rectangles, using a narrow seam and leaving a gap along one of the short edges. This is for the lavender filling.

     4. Oops - in my haste I did not stitch right sides together .. Doh!! Out came the stitch ripper.


      5. Once the 2 pieces are sewn ( right sides ) together clip the corners.


       6. Turn right side out and press.


            7. Now for the fun part - fill with lavender.


      8. Stitch up the gap. I inserted a label into this seam so that the bag can be hung up if required.

       A bundle of these little beauties look very attractive.


  I made lots of these as a start on my stock for the stall but then I gave them all away!! So it's back to the sewing machine.