Sunday, 13 July 2014

Lavender bags

It is far too long since I last blogged. The reasons are too many to list but I'm back. I am aiming to run a stall at a craft fair after the summer and am trying to build up some stock. The lovely Jane at handmadejane has given me many tips. This is how I made some lovely lavender bags.

1. I chose some pretty fabric. Actually this was a bundle of 3 tea towels I bought in a supermarket sale because I liked the floral design. The set of 3 cost £1. I kept them in my stash.

   2. I used my rotary cutter and cut out as many 16 x 11cm rectangles as I could get out of my fabric. The measurements can be anything you like of course.

     3. I made a little bag by stitching around 3 sides of the rectangles, using a narrow seam and leaving a gap along one of the short edges. This is for the lavender filling.

     4. Oops - in my haste I did not stitch right sides together .. Doh!! Out came the stitch ripper.


      5. Once the 2 pieces are sewn ( right sides ) together clip the corners.


       6. Turn right side out and press.


            7. Now for the fun part - fill with lavender.


      8. Stitch up the gap. I inserted a label into this seam so that the bag can be hung up if required.

       A bundle of these little beauties look very attractive.


  I made lots of these as a start on my stock for the stall but then I gave them all away!! So it's back to the sewing machine.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

A relaxing project

 At last a much delayed post on my (very) slow growing blog. I spend many happy hours reading other sewists' / knitters'/ crocheters' blogs and end up neglecting my own!
Anyway - my current relaxing project - good for when I am watching TV - is this shawlette -Vintage Freemont. It is a joy to knit and I purchased the yarn at the Olympia Knitting and Stitching show. Unfortunately I did not buy enough so had to search online and was lucky to find a supplier. So I will be able to complete the job. 
I apologise for the not so good photo but will post again the completed item.

It's growing - slowly :)

And this it what it should look like. Beautiful! Has anyone done any similar knitting or crochet projects? I would love to hear about them.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What am I?

Hello fellow sewists! I have been neglecting my blog lately :(  however I have some plans afoot for some hand sewing posts - not one of my favourite aspects of sewing but one that I am tentatively trying out. In the meantime - does anyone know what this is??

PS has anyone been watching the Great British Sewing Bee? I'm hooked and loving every minute!

Friday, 21 February 2014

At Home Sew Along Skirt

Step 1. I have decided to make the Great British Sewing Bee pencil skirt for the sew along. It is featured in the March issue of Sew magazine. I downloaded the pattern - 12 pages - and pieced it together on my dining table.

Step 2. I have to choose some fabric from my stash.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Skirt sew along cont.

Step 3. I have chosen the fabric - a medium / heavy weight embossed navy blue. It looks a bit lighter in the photo. 

I even made a muslin from an old sheet.

        Step 4. Six darts to sew.

Then I had the urge to line the skirt and found some bright red lining fabric in my stash.

I interlocked / surged the raw edges.

Step 5. Lining made and I attached it to the waist edge before attaching the waistband. I did not use interfacing on the waistband as this fabric is quite heavyweight.
I couldn't be bothered to change the thread on the machine to red so I did a decorative hem stitch to the lining.

Step 6. I stitched the hem, added my label et voilĂ ! The finished article.

A saucy glimpse of scarlet ;)

Monday, 17 February 2014

Zip and finishing touches

1. Now to insert the invisible zipper. First I like to press the zipper teeth flat as this makes it easier to stitch nice and snugly next to the teeth. I also overlocked the raw edges of the skirt before placing the zip with the coils along the seam line. Then I stitched one side of the zip going slowly to avoid puckering ( normally I am a bit of a speed merchant on the machine!) Once that side was done I did the other side, remembering to keep the zip face down and to work on the right side of my fabric. I then stitched the rest of the seam from the hem up and overlapped where the zip stitching ended. A final press and voilĂ . There are much better instructions than mine for inserting an invisible zipper - I like Sew Serendity's at blogspot - really clear instructions and photographs.
2. Next step is the lining. I attached this to the waist edge, so no need for any waistband or facings.
The final dilemma - to add a decorative trim or not? I am addicted to trims but am reliably informed that less is more. Mmmm? 
3. The finished article - as you can see I succumbed and added a hemline trim.

Grey skirt in construction.

I found it necessary to stay stitch the waist edge as this lovely soft fabric is slightly stretchy and I don't want puckers. It has 2 darts back and front. The best way to get a neat finish to darts is to end the stitching at the point end and go a few stitches beyond, do not reverse stitch but pull the stitches through to same side and tie off. Then press, press and more press.