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Monday, 17 February 2014

Zip and finishing touches

1. Now to insert the invisible zipper. First I like to press the zipper teeth flat as this makes it easier to stitch nice and snugly next to the teeth. I also overlocked the raw edges of the skirt before placing the zip with the coils along the seam line. Then I stitched one side of the zip going slowly to avoid puckering ( normally I am a bit of a speed merchant on the machine!) Once that side was done I did the other side, remembering to keep the zip face down and to work on the right side of my fabric. I then stitched the rest of the seam from the hem up and overlapped where the zip stitching ended. A final press and voilĂ . There are much better instructions than mine for inserting an invisible zipper - I like Sew Serendity's at blogspot - really clear instructions and photographs.
2. Next step is the lining. I attached this to the waist edge, so no need for any waistband or facings.
The final dilemma - to add a decorative trim or not? I am addicted to trims but am reliably informed that less is more. Mmmm? 
3. The finished article - as you can see I succumbed and added a hemline trim.